Thursday, January 21, 2010

vinyl pouches

What an exciting title to an entry!! I remembered this tutorial when I saw a blog entry recently from these ladies. I had a big remnant of vinyl just waiting to be used so cutting away I went. After my first attempt at these I learned 2 things....#1 I did not like making these and #2 IF I ever make these again I will ALWAYS use a white zipper (hides the stitching and restitching if needed) If I had not already cut out the fabric, interfacing and vinyl for all of these I would have stopped at my first one (made that one for Emily). On all but 1 of these the vinyl slipped and got stuck in the zipper, uhg! So I had to cut away at the vinyl so they look like crap inside but none of my friends that I am giving these to are crafty kind of gals and won't notice anyways! I also used a little wax on the zipper to help it move back and forth because of some of the vinyl issues. I am going to put a few little goodies in these and give them to my roommates for Saturday night.

This one with the Heather Ross gnomes and mushrooms is for me. I was so proud of myself to finally cut into this fabric. Just like my Flea Market Fancy fabric it was time! I just love those little gnomes!

And speaking of my Flea Market Fancy quilt....I have all the rows sewn now with white sashing, yes I went with the white sashing option! Now I have cut out the white shashing that goes between each row, this is going to be a big quilt! I am putting it away for the weekend, hopefully have it all finished up next week then meet up with my "quilter" and get that project checked off my "to do" list.


  1. I've never seen that tutorial. Cute! And what a nice friend you are to bring those :)

    p.s. I never got those beads. Who knows when they'll get here. Sorry about that.

  2. aaahhh did it!! But honey, when you have a brown zipper you are supposed to use brown thread. That's my secret tip of the day. :)

    i'm very proud of you for sticking with it!!!
    Have fun with your girlfriends!

  3. Love these!!! I am afraid of zippers! :-)