Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas morning

See the look of hesitation in my son's eyes?  The poor boy was sick off and on the week of Christmas, Christmas Eve and not long after this picture was taken....he threw up in my hands, all over my socks and pj's....cleaned us up and unwrapped a few more presents, good times. :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to my mom!

I have 28 minutes left to squeek this one in on my mom's birthday, Happy 65th birthday to my mom!!  (yeah of the 3 kids in the bottom photo, my two are the ones with their mouths wide open yelling! HA!)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

teacher gift

Pictures of a table runner I made Emily's first grade teacher...used up a bunch of Christmas themed scraps I had lying around....Emily said she loved it :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a charmed life

I recently did a little bartering/swapping with Elaine. You MUST click on the photo's to see these babies close up...I gasped when I opened the package...the photo on the left is my husband, probably 1971 or 1972, so cute! The photo on the right is a picture of my mom and 2 of her brothers from 1949. This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom as a girl, you can tell the older boy, my Uncle Fred is looking at Santa and trying to figure it all out about mom's younger brother can tell he "believes" and my mom, oh yeah, she loves the jolly old elf!!

Below is the opposite side...I asked for a vintage Santa for my husbands picture....on the right is the actual photo frame that came with the picture from 1949, Elaine copied it and then added a little glitter, it is so cute!!!

Lastly my crafty friends will love BFF Cheyenne sent Christmas gifts our way....holy smokes did she spoil us and the kids....a bottle of wine (not for the kids) pj's, games, disposable cameras, scrap booking supplies, breakfast/popcorn makings for a family game night or morning....and in it was some goodies for me...I just love this "badge" LOVE IT! This so is ME! "1st place for being wicked crafty" says..."you are so crafty that you will look at this award and say "Hey! I could have made that!"

P.S....Mom I had not planned on giving you the charm, I really just thought it would a cute Christmas necklace for myself....but after seeing it, I have to...I will be getting another one for myself...this one is for you...:) I am going to have one made up of Gary in front of the Christmas tree holding the machine gun too. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa....

this morning I had an email from The Fat Quarter Shop, ohhhhh how I love to drool over their online store....awesome kits, fat quarter bundles, patterns and fabrics....sigh, sigh, sigh...the email said that Santa, yes the big jolly man himself will be checking peoples blogs and some lucky customers might just get something they wish for....sigh, sigh, sigh....oh Santa if you pick me to be so lucky I so much would love THIS.

I loved this pattern from the first time I saw it and to get it in a kit? OOOOOOOH.....AHHHHHHHH....thanks Santa, I promise I have been very, very GOOD! Love with all of my 36 almost 37 year old heart, Kristine Hanson

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


These are the worst pictures ever...but hopefully you will get the idea :) This year instead of the little cardboard picture with little windows to open (ok I am doing that too) I came up with these little bags numbered 1-25. Last night the kids opened #1 which was under the tree, it is the Fisher Price Little People Nativity set and inside some of the bags are Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the 3 Wise Men along with some candy, socks, a toy for each of them and more candy...thought this would be a fun way to "keep Christ in Christmas" and the kids will love to play with the Nativity, not a lot of Christmas decorations that they are "allowed" to play with.

Monday, November 23, 2009

feed sack-mail sack

I finally did a little bit of sewing this past weekend....last summer I found a bunch of old, in great condition feed sacks....I bought ALL of them and I finally cut into a few of them and this is what I made. This pattern is called Mail Sack by Pink Chalk Studio. My girlfriend told me the big bag is big (pattern has two sizes) and it is BIG! But it will be perfect for me to use on little trips to shows like The Farm Chicks and The Vintage Barn. I "fussy" cut the feed sacks a few different times so you could see Spokane on the bag, Spokane is where I am from. :)

I wish I had a better picture to show....our computer is going downhill FAST, and everything I do takes FOREVER on this old computer, uploading, downloading you name it...last week I tried to install Ikea's kitchen planner, not enough memory on our hard drive!! My husband and niece's husband will probably be out this weekend looking for a new hard drive for us, yahoo!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I just love looking through the blog and fabrics of Sandi Henderson.....she is doing a 12 days of Christmas giveaway....AWESOME things you can win!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flea Market Fancy giveaway!!!


check it out!!! I am such a dork and don't know how to always link up all of this fancy click on the same logo at the top of my blog on the right hand side, YIPEE!!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

non crafty post...

....but I did make the track! I am soooo not a good train track put togetherer, but today I did really well...had to take a picture of it I was so was my son :)

I have not been sewing at all this past week or two....I have been doing a lot of scrap booking, uhg...I so wish I would have never started this "hobby". I wish I would have kept to my sewing all those years ago...but now that I have started it, I feel like I need to keep up with it....I am almost current which makes me feel really good, as of a few months ago I was 18+ months behind! So now that I am current I am going to stay current!

On a sewing note....I have several things I need to get off my WIP list, a few of them Christmas gifts, a baby quilt for a nephew being born in February, a wall hanging or two and another one of my WIP is the old antique quilt I posted about last month, I am picking it up on Thursday from the quilter, I.can't.wait!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

for my swap partner

for my swap partner
Originally uploaded by kristinemhanson
This is another mini tree quilt...this time for my "fall themed mini quilt swap" partner...instead of a white background I used some coffee stained muslin I had, warms it up a bit....this is heading off to the East side of the United States AND this is my first WIP finished for the "joy into the new year" challenge.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

joy in the new year challenge

I am going to join this challenge, thank goodness it is not another swap! HA! Join will be fun to see how may WIPS you can get finished by January 1!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and thank you

Pictures from Halloween....Jack, spider man....Emily, Litte Red Riding Hood (made the cape, I thought it turned out pretty cute!) my niece Abigail, Daphne from Scooby Doo. This was the 2nd year we have gone trick or treating in the neighborhood I grew up parents still live in the same house, brings back a lot of good memories for my brother and I and now we are doing the same with our kids.
Earlier in the day, Emily posing at the library

Jacko on a candy mission, no mask needed

the end of the night trying to get a picture with these two sugared up knuckle heads....good luck!!
Thanks for the nice comments about my mom....I don't know how to respond to someones comments...I am such a dork....if someone can tell me how I would love to reply to you!! Happy November....oh yeah....we went to Target today...holy smokes....CHRISTMAS everywhere! EEEEEK

Friday, October 30, 2009

breast cancer awarness

I should have posted this at the beginging of the month, not the end!! As we all know October is breast cancer awarness month....this is my mom. In February of 2004 my mom was diagonosied with breast December it will be 5 years since my mom was told she is "cancer free" what a wild, emotional, scary time those 10 months were in 2004. My dear ol' mom went through a mastectomy, 3 ports, a week in the ICU, 20 rounds of chemo and 35 rounds of radiation and not all in that order!! What a trooper!

For the past 2 years my parents, my family and this year my brother and his family have done the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" in Spokane, it is a very emotional time, so neat to see all the survivors and ladies going through their treatments all decked out in pink! Above is a picture of my mom at the beginning of this years walk.

This is one of my favorite pictures from my wedding....when my husband and I decided to get married my husband suggested to wait one more year for our wedding (we decided to get married in the middle of August)....My mom was 6 months into her diagnosis, I always wanted to get married in the fall but was not willing to wait another year because I was too scared my mom would not be there for it, so I planned our wedding in 9 weeks....instead of my "something blue" to wear I wore "something pink" in honor of my mom, a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and I hid it over my heart under part of my mom did not know until the photographer was taking our pictures and I revealed to my mom this little surprise....I was trying so hard not to cry...I still have that pin on that same spot on my dress and always will :) Also during my mom's cancer my dad shaved his head bald in support of my mom so when we started planning our wedding I begged my dad to grow his hair out and he did and my mom's wigs were great, a lot of people don't even know she had a wig on!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

autumn mini quilt

I subscribe to the Sew Mama Sew blog....this month they are having a "scrap busters" theme....there are some great ideas on there....the other day I came across this entry....decided I needed another throw pillow like I need a hole in my head so I came up with a mini quilt for my kitchen. I l.o.v.e. this.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

one for me, one for her

I have mentioned this wristlet before....this is such a quick, fun little project....the top one is for me :) made out of my Flea Market Fancy stash...pretty pretty....

This one is for another friend with an October birthday, the back fabric and the front fabric with the aqua apples are made from vintage feedsack fabric given to me or swapped with me from online will be filled with some fun little birthday goodies :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fabric goodness

mmmmmmmmm see this? This is the au.then.tic line by sweetwater, I l.o.v.e. it, all of it!! I need more! The large panel and 3 yards of this I got in Portland last weekend at The Fabric Depot ...jeezo, I wish I would have bought more, no tax and it was on sale! The other 2 yards I bought at the Spokane Quilt show and it was flying off the shelves like hot cakes! I really don't even know what I am going to do with it but I want more, I just love it, can't wait to get my paws on some of the new line coming out this spring and it has more color in it!! LOVE IT!

This little fabric combo just kind of fell together, I think I might need another print with some more red in it? Two of these prints are from the Mary Jane Butters "Farmgirl" line....I love this little lady too, and she is from the Northwest, whoo hoo!! I told my mom and dad that for their 40th anniversary in February I would make them a queen size, what do you think of this? Call me and tell me....:)

Last but not least there is this beauty....figgy pudding....I was asked to join an ornament swap....this might be a big part of what I use.....darling!!! To see any of the pics larger just click on it. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilt Festival entry

This is my entry for the online quilt festival hosted by Amy. I don't know really anything about this quilt top other than it was inherited through a few deaths on my mom's side of the family, isn't that sad? My mom is not even sure how she got it....I guess when you have several Aunts that pass and then your mom (my Grandma) gets their things....well when my Grandmother passed several years ago my mom got this quilt top. I just loved it so I stole it! I don't even know what the name of the block is, anyone? I did repair about 3 little areas on this quilt before I took it to my quilter, not sure what they will do with it but I can't wait!

I was going to post a few pictures of one of my quilts but H1N1 has been making a run through our house this week, I decided to pick this quilt because I already had these photos on my computer and decided to join in the fun of the quilt festival...most fun I have had all week with two sick kids and a hubbie out of town! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

5 years ago.....

October 10, 2004....I can't believe how fast 5 years have gone.....I have a ton of pictures from our wedding and it is sad in one way too look through them and see faces that are no longer with us but then fun to see how much some faces have changed...that baby in the photo between my hubbie and I? That is our daughter who is now 6. The photo of my husband with his parents....both of them passed in 2008....Jack our son....not even thought of yet....we had a great wedding day.... had a budget of $2000.00 and we only went over by about $300.00, planned it in 9 weeks too. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

friendship bag and friends

I had a nice weekend! Friday I received my friendship bag from Kathleen, I LOVE this bag!!!! I had seen it on flickr and fell in love with the entire thing....cuff, bag and button, just darling!! In it she had these cute little finger puppets for my kids...I had to hunt them down to take their picture...

I also had a few chances to hook up with some girlfriends, that does not happen very often and especially twice in one weekend. The first picture is of my good friend Tari and I at this awesome pub in Spokane called The Elk, yummo!! It was so nice to catch up face to face instead of over the phone or email...she lives in North Carolina now with her little family so we don't see each other very often....Saturday night I went out with my SIL, her bff and another friend Sheila...Spokane has a piano bar now and this was a BLAST, I had so much fun just kickin up my heals to dueling pianos of all things...we had a great time as you can see from the picture....