Friday, April 30, 2010

for Miss. Doyle

My daughter's 1st grade class has had a student teacher for the last few is her last day....I wanted Emily to give her something so I had her teacher send me a picture of Miss. Doyle with the class so I could make her something she can have to remember them all by....this is what I came up with. This picture cracks me up....all these little first graders, not a care in the world! (That is my little one in the front row wearing pink, of course).
Here is the back, I hope she likes it, I sure did and it was so easy!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

jumping up and down

I got a little something in the mail yesterday, I knew it was coming but of course had no idea what to expect. I ripped open the box, ripped off the wrapping paper and lookie what was inside!!! ACK!!! I just love it Pam! Thank you so, so much, it is so awesome!!! This is the placemat I get to keep, I get to keep this??!?!?!? from the placemat swap on flickr, I can't say enough about how much I adore this little mini and there is NO way this little number will ever be on a table with food on it (not with my family at least!) I have already hung this in my kitchen where all my favorite mini's go after I receive a new one.
This has so much detail (click on the photos) the grass is all patchwork and so is the sky. I have been wanting to make a mini like this but has been pretty far down on my "to do" list, now I don't have to! :) The clothesline is darling and Pam had such a cute idea....see that little mini quilt? That is the same fabric for the backing, I believe it is a vintage sheet, so cute!
Also included was fabric for my kids, 3 different cuts from a different fabric line for both of them....what to make what to make?
Thanks again Pam, seriously, if I did not have a big, ugly, clunky boot on my left foot I would have been jumping up and down. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

getting used...

......the quilt I made with the recipient on nephew Garrett. :)
love all the orange!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Pam from Kristine

I sent off the placemat for my swap partner Pam last week, yesterday I received an email that she got it, yeah it arrived safe and sound to Florida!
Pam mentioned she liked greens, blues and aquas.....after looking through her flickr favorites I noticed she liked the "wonky stars", stacked coins and zig zag I thought to myself "self, I think I will make her a little sampler". This is what I came up with.

I must say I actually like it better vertically, Pam I hope you like it, I enjoyed making it for you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

not much sewing going on....

So.......we went camping two weekends ago....ummmm.....well........long story short....coming out of our friends trailer I turned my ankle.....BAD....the sound my ankle made was just about as bad as the pain.....holy smokes!!! My husband was sitting by the fire and told me to "walk it off" the other husband (my hubs friend) came running to my aide, never mind that his wife was laughing...ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Needless to say I have not been sewing much this past week but there is good was my left ankle not my right so I can still drive and use the foot peddle for my sewing machine....had an x-ray a few days after my spill....I get to wear a big ol clunky boot on my foot for the next 3 husband felt really bad after that for saying "walk it off".

This is my son pretending to be Grandpa, if you knew my dad you would think this is pretty funny, even down to the coffee cup.

Emily and my niece, they are 11 months apart and right now they are missing the same teeth, pretty cute.

It has been beautiful weather here this past week, the kids even busted out their swim suits on Sunday afternoon, yeah for sunny April days!

The only sewing have done this past week was this little quilt. I mentioned this project in this post. It is not my choice of fabrics or blocks but it is not for me it is for a sick kiddo somewhere out there and I was happy to make this for them. All of the fabric was already cut up, all I had to do was sew the blocks, then sew them all together, add the borders....even the backing fabric was in the kit, so easy all it took from me was a little time, thread and a few prayers for a little one out there that will enjoy this.

Friday, April 9, 2010

pqs3 sneak peak for Pam

Yes I am done, yes you see a little Flea Market Fancy in the border, yes you see a few non fabric goodies....Pam (uberstitch) you will see this in a mail box near you soon. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pinwheel blocks

I joined Rachel's pinwheel quilt along....I am all caught up ready for block #7. What will I do with this quilt top when I am done? I have no clue, but I think I am going to like it! I am not a big red and black fan, usually feels a little too retro to me....but I must say I really like how these blocks are coming together with the cream, gray, reds and blacks. block #1......I like both of them
block #2....are o.k. not a huge fan of the HUGE pinwheel but I can live with it, my points don't exactly match up and I am not doing it over which is a big deal for me, the sewing perfectionist. It is what it is.

block #3, LOVE both of them, my favorite block of all so far, love them!

block #4, really like these too....simple yet elegant. :)

block #5....mmmmm not my favorites....I believe after all the blocks are done I will do these two over....I picked fabrics that are too similar for the contrast....I is what it is...maybe I will keep them too....

block #6, I love anything that is "flying geese" enough said.
I finished the binding on my special project that I had quilted while in Portland by Christina. I LOVE it. I decided I am not going to post pictures of it until the new owner has it....I don't think this person even knows I have a blog but I don't want to risk blowing the surprise. :)
I joined another little swap, I already have planned out what I am doing for this one too....this is the first time I have done a swap that is not a secret. I was able to chit chat with Pam about her likes, dislikes and visa versa, will be fun to see what we whip up for each other.

Monday, April 5, 2010

dear diary....

How I spent my spring break...... holding this shoogabooga, my new nephew Garrett.....oh how he reminds me of my son at that age, what a doll!!
We spent A LOT of time driving....7 hours to get there....7 hours to get back...Emily got in some reading.... Jack got in a few shows....thank you Lord for portable DVD players for trips like this!!!

All in all....we were in the car a lot....going from place to place a lot, even snuck in a few visits to Ikea.....most of the getaway the kids looked like all in all we had a nice little visit.

Since I was gone from my sewing for almost a week I am dying to get crackin on something....I will post pictures of something that was quilted for me while in Portland.....met a peach of a new friend too! :)