Thursday, March 24, 2011

where have I been?

Jeezo I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted....I don't think I have ever gone that long w/o a post since I started blogging. OOPS! Truth be told....I took my quilting thing so far these past 3 years that I just got BURNED OUT. It only took 3 years but after finishing up all my WIPS, gifts, my large "to do" sewing list....I just could not even stomach looking at a quilt blog let alone even blogging about any more there such thing as "quilt burnout"? Well if so I had it....started creeping around December....I did not even sign up for any flickr swaps and I used to be one of those flickr members that would be there, online just waiting for the opportunity to be first in line to enter another swap....yet more swap along that line I have not sewn a darn thing in quite awhile and I am happy as a clam about it.....because now I have a new house!

This sounds really stupid but after stepping away from my sewing machine and actually spending some time in other rooms in my house....I started thinking about how much I have neglected my home these past few with the old in with the new! I also became a wee bit addicted to craigslist! (yeah from one obsession to a completely different one!) We also are right now in the finishing stages of totally gutting the original 31 year old bathroom in our home to everything being replace, repainted...all is a picture of Emily during the demo.

Soon....the before and after pictures, really soon....I might have to start sleeping in this is going to be so nice, so cozy(as cozy as a room with a toilet in it can get) I am just so excited about all this....

One more thing....I sold my Flea Market Fancy quilt in just about what I asked for it so I was thrilled....and now...something else new....see the etsy box on the side of my blog....I am starting to sell some different things that have peaked my interest lately....nothing sewn least not be back soon!