Monday, July 27, 2009

sneak peak

sneak peak
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This is 1 block of 3 I am doing for my partner for the doll quilt swap....I will have the black and brown print of this kerchief girl print early August, I hope she likes it!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

camping, more stuff like that

So we went camping last weekend right? Guess who's bag of all her clothes, pj's, swim suit, undies...pretty much EVERYTHING got left on the bed at home? YEP, MINE! My SIL and I did have some good laughs though Saturday morning when we went into the nearest, tiny town (not even a flashing light in this town it is so small) and found a 2nd hand store...tank tops 10 cents, shorts a quarter? Sign me up! It was pretty funny and I had some very colorful outfits for Saturday and Sunday...oh well!! Below are a few pics from the kids and my niece, my younger brother and Jack and then me and my kids.....

And on a total different subject, we got some gently abused chickens a few weeks ago...apparently the former owner was neglecting them, they looked pretty icky when we first got I noticed that they finally have started to lay eggs! They are really pretty too, a nice aquaish green/blue...Emily named the chickens Noodle and Doodle.

Friday, July 17, 2009

camping, new bras, stuff like that

So in just a few hours we are going to be leaving to camp for the weekend with my brother and his family....have I started packing? yes and I guess I should get my buns off the chair, turn off the computer and start packing!!! It is hot here in Eastern WA today and supposed to be for the next week! UHG!! I am most comfy in a dry 80 degrees, no mugginess...nothing over 90 so at least we are in a dry heat for now!!!

I bought myself 3 new bras yesterday at Victoria Secret, yahoo! Love a good deal! I would NEVER spend the 45.00-55.00 they want for a regular priced brassier but yesterday I walked by the store, noticed a ton of sale tables, walked myself over the the 38Bs and started going through them (do you know how uncommon that size is?) anyways....the cute size 2 sales girl comes up to me..."do you need any help" and I think of saying "uh yeah" "the girls do" why else would I be in here? but she says to me "oh all the sale bras are 15.99" WHIPPEE!!! I bought 3! I feel like a new woman! 3 new bras, they all fit, they are all cute but now because it is almost 100 degrees I am breaking in one of them with sweat because it is so hot outside!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

doll quilt swap 7

My creation
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I am going to do another swap, this one is a first for me am looking forward to it! For my partner to know a little more about me...I have two kiddo's, a boy and a girl....married, happily...I like bright colors or so it seems from my flickr favs! I really like the red/aqua combo right now, who doesn't? Seems as though I like a lot of white with my color too! So far in my swaps I have been really happy with what I have received, I am pretty easy other than I don't like anything Star Trek, Star Wars, mid evil, devilish, dirty, I like vintage though, and vintage fabric is a plus! Yellow was my fav color as a little girl, I do like feminine things, girlie, call it what you like....I really like all of Denyse Schmidts, Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, Tulla Pink, Sandy Klop, Tanya Whelan, Heather Ross...all of those ladies collections and I do like the collections from David Walker too to get a little boy stuff in there.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I finished the baby quilt that I am sending off to Craft Hope, I don't know if a boy or a girl will get it so I went gender neutral...aquas, yellows, a little bit of pink and a little bit of blue....after I had the top all sewn together I realized that I have bird and bee fabrics in it...I thought that was kinda funny (the bird's and the bee's), I took a pictured of Emily's baby doll modeling it all swaddled up, I hope it makes some baby very happy and snugly warm....

The kids and I have been keeping ourselves busy this summer, we have had some hot days, some cooler days and a few stormy days....earlier this week we went to the Amtrak station to see a free traveling exhibit from Disney advertising for A Christmas Carol coming out in November. The kids and I really liked the exhibit and then a little movie to watch of some previews, 3D glasses provided as you can see Jack is wearing his upside down, silly boy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a favorite thing

...these are a few of my favorite niece and my daughter, playing in the pool on a hot summer day!!