Saturday, April 30, 2011

another baby!

This little quilt is for the son of a cousin, so I guess the baby is my 2nd cousin? Little one's name is not being given out to the public until his birth (I hate that when parents do that!)My cousin, his wife and their daughter live in Colorado and were in town recently and were surprised with a baby shower that I could not attend. :( Never fear, Kristine is here!! I was able to whip this little quilt up for baby #2 last week......Baby (nameless) bedding is from pottery barn. (see below) up above is what I came up with, red, white, blue and brown, all from my stash except the backing.

The back of the quilt.

up close......I love this pattern, so, so easy but so fun to put together. Can't wait to find out what the little whippersnapper's name is going to be!

Congrats to Matt and Michelle on your new addition. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a special gift

I have this friend Coleen. Coleen and I met a lonnnnnnnng time ago, back in the 90's ;) Coleen was the high school chum of a boyfriend of mine way back when I was 19/20. I dated that boy for a few years and over those years got to know Coleen better and better. That boy broke up with me (whatever) but Coleen and continued to be friends and hang out. Then I moved back to Spokane and Coleen and I still keep in touch......Coleen became a momma on March 9th to a little boy that she and her husband adopted. :) His name is Grayson Samuel...this is a picture of Coleen and Grayson (Mr. Grayson was very eager to meet his new momma and dad and decided to show up 5 weeks early and was in the NICU for 10 or so days)

This is the quilt I came up with for Grayson, I was really tickled with how it came out....there are 432 2.5" squares in this little blanket, the smallest patchwork I have ever done.

The theme of Grayson's room is monkey' lucky was I to find not only monkey flannel for the backing but monkey flannel fabric that coordinated with the quilt top.

(had to get a wee bit creative with the backing hence the strip of squares, someone (moi) was a few inches short when telling the gal at the cutting counter how much yardage was needed, oops...I think it turned out ok though.....

....I think Grayson thinks it turned out ok too! Welcome to this world Grayson, you are such a special gift!! And congrats Coleen, you are going to be such a great momma!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a little sneak peak

Well take a look at this.....I made a little something for a special new little someone....(don't know if the special someones mom knows I have a blog) so until I hear from the momma that the present made it to their home safe and sound...(hopefully tomorrow!!) this is all I am going to show of my gift for a new baby born last month who is the most special gift for his mom and dad who adopted this little one.

Monday, April 4, 2011

funky junk

Yeah for junking!!! This weekend some of my gal pals and I will be going to a local junk/antique show "Funky Junk" can't wait!!!