Friday, January 29, 2010

37 things about me

Today is my birthday, January 29th 1973 I came into this world in Omaha Nebraska of all places (moved to Spokane when I was 2 1/2) I thought I would see if I can think of 37 things to say about myself.

1. I am the middle child between two boys
2. My parents still live in the house we moved into in 1975
3. When I was 5 I asked Jesus into my heart to be my personal Savior :)
4. I love brownies
5. I love to sew
6. I got my first and only tattoo at 20
7. I was a nanny for 1 year in Seattle
8. I like my hands
9. I wanted to be a nurse or a teacher when I was growing up
10. I have been w/2 people when they passed away (my Grandparents)
11. I have seen someone (my SIL) give birth (my niece)
12. I asked my husband out on our first date
13. I am NOT an animal person
14. I can not stand rude people
15. I don't wear a lot of jewelry
16. I had my first "drink" on my 21st birthday
17. I like to travel
18. I was in Camp Fire for 10 years
19. Yellow was my favorite color when I was younger
20. I have worn glasses for 25 years
21. I am getting lasik surgery in a few weeks :)
22. I don't like to exercise
23. I like coffee
24. I gained 15lbs in 2009
25. My brothers and I all have big blue eyes and so do all of our kids
26. I know how lucky I am to still have both my parents alive and still married (40 years next month!)
27. I love to subscribe to magazines
28. This is not as easy as you would think
29. 29 is one of my favorite numbers
30. I don't like clutter
31. I wear a lot of brown and black
32. I love being a mom
33. I love being a wife
34. I love my family
35. I like vintage/antiques
36. Autumn is my favorite season
37. I am going to lose the 15lbs I gained in 2009 plus more in 2010!


  1. Happy birthday! Mine is also in January. I love it!

  2. whoa. That was very fun to read about all those things. Helps me see what we have in common. I'm not an animal person either. I wear very little jewelry. I was a Camp Fire Girl for 2 years!

  3. #3~ for me it was 7
    #19~ me too - I think it still is!
    #24~ :-(
    #26~ same but 50 for mine!
    #30~ I love clutter {but it makes me crazy}
    #32-#34~ yes, yes, yes!!!
    #35~ in agreement!!!
    #37~ :-) you go girl!