Thursday, January 28, 2010

doll quilt, student of the month and the croup

Emily was chosen as student of the month for her class, the attribute was "diligence". I had to have her tell me what that was! We are very proud of her, she was very proud of herself. :) I have finally gotten around to making one of the blocks for my doll quilt partner, this little guy is 3 1/2", so small!! I did cut out enough pieces to make myself one of these little quilts but for right now I am concentrating on my swap partners so I can get it done and off to her to enjoy.
I had a nice time in Seattle on my weekend away last week....I did NOT get nearly the sleep/rest I had hoped but still had a great time. I got home Monday to Jack having a bit of a cough....1:30 A.M. Tuesday was woken up to that "seal like bark" cough, a.k.a. THE CROUP....called our after hours doctor, then whisked him away to the E.R. After spending 2 hours with him there, got a breathing treatment then a liquid steroid, we were home a bit before 4:00. At 5:30 A.M. it was Emily's turn, but hers was even WORSE...this time daddy took her to the E.R....same hospital, same set of doctors/nurses...WOW....had never experienced that before and hope we never do again!!


  1. Wow! That's gorgeous and TINY. Can't wait to see what your ultimate doll quilt turns out as!

    And glad to see that your children are feeling better, that must have been scary.

  2. Your daughter is just so cute!