Tuesday, February 9, 2010

40 years

Happy 40th Anniversary to my mom and dad! February 8, 1970, 40 years!!! I think my parents have done a pretty good job holding together a family, a home, jobs, crisis, good times, bad times, deaths, births, cancer, no money, money.....you name it, and some on this list, done it several times!!! they have done it and TOGETHER....thanks mom and dad for being such a good example to me, Michael and Steven....thanks for always being supportive of the things we wanted to do, (even if you had 2nd thoughts!) thanks for always standing by us when the things we wanted to do did not work out, thanks for saying the right things when we needed to hear them, thanks for not saying anything at the right time too.... 1st date at the Spokane Fair in 1969, 40 years later=3 kids, 2 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and grand baby #5 just days away....all because 2 people fell in love....

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