Saturday, February 27, 2010

favorite thing thrift find

I was snooping through my local Value Village recently, when I came across this! OH MY! I just love it! There is nothing on the selvage to give me a clue to how old it is, but it is old. I even smelled it (NOT something I normally would do with ANYTHING w/o washing it first from Value Village). It smelled like someones Grandma's house, like my Grandma's house, this little number was going home with me!
Isn't it cute? I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but it had to be mine. I assume yardage from "back in the day" or at least this fabric was not 44" across like the fabric we get now. This piece from selvage to selvage is 35" across and 57" wide....quite a bit of fabric for this lovely vintage piece and it only cost me 3.99!

This is my favorite, the little coffee cup, creamer and pot, how about that darling "Home Sweet Home" sign. I have no idea what I will use this for, so for now it will go into my drawers of fabric and I will take it out on occasion and squeal, smile and pet it. :)


  1. That is tooooo great! What a FIND!!! I love it.

  2. SCORE!!! sniffing in value village :)

  3. That is an awesome find!!

  4. Too funny! I did the same thing this week...looked at the selvage and then I smelled it! (I'm even laughing now that I'm reminded of it) - I wish my find was as fun as yours. Beautiful piece of fabric!