Friday, February 19, 2010

Emily's first quilt

A week or so before my birthday last month Emily kept telling me about something she was making me at school. Everyday she would come home and tell me she had worked on this present. Finally she got off the bus one day and I noticed she had a little project in her hot little hands. She was BEAMING, so excited! I thought I knew what it was but just to be sure I said "tell me about it" (instead of "WHAT IS IT??") she was jumping up and down, it's a quilt! it's a quilt!! for you for your birthday! Emily's first quilt, for me. :)

This top photo is the actual project she put so much time and effort into. Look at all the triangles, look at all the nicely cut squares and the big rectangle, she was so proud of herself. She said she used pink in it because that is her favorite color and she used yellow in it because that was my favorite color as a little girl...the green, red and purple...that is because she is a 6 year old girl I guess, I think the pattern is cute too. I really love it. She had some time to kill so she did another "quilt" on the back. This larger one got cut down but I had to take a picture of it too. I have now framed my birthday quilt and have it in my craft room.

What I think is so neat about Emily's first quilt is that she gave it to ME. I think it was about 15 years ago my mom took a quilt class. The first quilt she made was a wall hanging, she gave it to my Grandma, her mother. After finding out my mom had taken a quilt class I thought to myself (no offense mom) "if my mom can quilt, then I can quilt" so I took a quilt class and gave that first project to my mom. Now years later my daughter gave me her first quilt, even though it is not made out of fabric it is made out of love and I know she was thinking of me the entire time she made it, I just love it.


  1. Aw, that is so stinkin' cute (the quilt AND your story)! Way to go Emily!

  2. I agree with Evelyn ...she is just so stinkin' cute!
    I finally cut into one of the feed sacks...come over and check it out! It was so fun to work with...just beautiful. Let me know if you want to barter any more... ;-) It's so much easier now that I have an idea for them.

  3. so adorable! you can tell how happy she is about it in the photo.

  4. KRISTINE!!!!! wow! What a girl! I love this post, it's called "Full Circle"!!

  5. That is just wonderful!! Okay, now I need a little girl to make me paper quilts. :) I think you should make her a little fabric wall hanging just like it so you have matching ones. :)