Sunday, February 21, 2010

family fun?

Several times a year a friend of mine gives us tickets to use in a suite at the Spokane Arena, last night was one of those nights....not our typical "family fun night" but we went to the monster truck show....hmmmm...very interesting place to people watch. This picture was taken BEFORE anything started, having fun, in a suite, free popcorn, pop, cookies, etc.
Another BEFORE photo, having FUN!This picture was taken right as the first round of trucks came in the Arena....I about wet my pants (so did my husband) from Emily's reaction as you can see here...(note little brother next to her having the time of his life, noise? what noise?)Jack, having a BLAST
We had a great time, all smelled a bit like gas (the automobile type) afterwards....will Emily ever go again? Verdict is still out on that one. :)

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