Wednesday, February 10, 2010

missing my other girl

I took my Bernina in for a tune up on was time....they told me it would be 7-10 days...WHAT??? I have not been without a sewing machine set up at all times for 3 years, AAAACCCKKK! This has been torture!! I have so many things I want to be working on!!

I took out my Flea Market Fancy quilt top last night, measured it (95"x95") figured out the design I am going to use for the back and was SO happy to realize that the bolt of fabric I bought a few weeks ago on a killer deal at JoAnn's is ENOUGH to do the back along with a strip of the rest of my FMF strips.

I also have figured out what design/colors I am going to use to make two quilts to donate to The Hospice House in Spokane. Both my in-laws passed away there in 2008 and my husband asked if I would make some quilts that we can donate in their I want to get going on those too.

I did finish a Valentine's skirt for Emily last week, she has not wanted to wear it until her party at school on Friday so I will post a picture when she has it on all ready to head to school....

Now.......if I could just get an early phone call that my Bernina is done!!!


  1. I could give you a loner, but you probably would hate it... I am still trying to finish a birthday ditty that I have had almost done for two weeks now... good luck with the early phone call.... teri

  2. You're just having a super productive planning week while your sewing machine is away. It will be a good break for both of you and you'll both be stronger for it. :)