Friday, September 10, 2010

today in my mail box....

.....was this beauty!! This was made for ME from KarrieLyne.....I know I use the word "love" a lot in my blog, but I love my application for DQS9 I mentioned I liked Ohio Star not only do I have 1 big Ohio Star I actually have 6 to look at and swoon over....this quilt is amazing, KarrieLyne's stitching is breathtaking....I noticed that before I even had the whole thing unwrapped just by looking at the back of it as I was opening it.

Here is my assistant peeking out over the top of my quilt, showcasing the back....I sent KarrieLyne an email asking her what fabric line this is from, it is gorgeous and will be hung up today as some new Fall decor in the Hanson House. :0)

Thank you so much KarrieLyne, I am so spoiled by you and others who have been in swaps with is so fun to get something like this in the mail, made my day!

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