Tuesday, September 21, 2010

saying goodbye

Last week our family had to say goodbye to a good friend, our black lab Lou. Poor thing had at least two strokes over the weekend and there was nothing the vet could do for the guy. My husband had Lou since 1998, he was 12 years old this month....

I will admit I am NOT an animal person, I can't understand how people pamper something that has four legs, all that hair and does not potty in a toilet....oh yeah and eats out of a bowl....but Lou was a package deal when I met my husband and he was such a good dog with our kids....I will spare you the heart breaking picture of my daughter saying her final good byes before my husband took him to the vet last Monday morning....Goodbye old friend...things are not the same around here....a lot quieter, a lot less hair, the floors are cleaner though but we all miss you running up to the car when we get home or barking at the front door when you wanted to come in.....you are missed even by this non animal loving gal....love you much. :0


  1. ahhh, sorry to hear about your doggie!

  2. We had to say goodbye to our 15yo German Shepherd in February this year and it was heart breaking. My kids were devastated as they had grown up with him around and his loss was deeply felt. I hope the good memories start to replace the feeling of loss very soon.