Monday, September 27, 2010

sprouts at Value Village

Monday is one of my favorite days of the week....I go to Value Village after taking my little guy to school....I love looking through VV. First I start with the housewares, then the linens, then girls clothing, then boys and today....I stumbled up this shirt....before my eyes all I see is green sprouts from Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy line....(if you read my blog you know I dig this line, A LOT of people dig this out of print line).

At first I thought it was a home made shirt, but if you look closely you can see a tag inside it says (wonderboy) (even made in the USA it says, yahoo!).

I threw this baby in my cart and off I went to the women's section, I spent 2 hours in there today and then before I checked out I went back and forth in my head about buying the sprout shirt....should I? Shouldn't I? I thought about putting it back, even went back down to the isle I found it in, thought to myself...."should I take a chance, leave it here and get it next week instead?" But then I knew someone else might just snatch it up if I put it back and it was only 3.99! why would I ever have debated that in my head anyway?

I get home....get out some of my green sprout fabric from the FMF can see this shirt had been loved before it was given away....a bit faded but it is so stinkin cute!

My model is stinkin cute too! He said he would wear this but we will see....I might have to cut it up and use in something patchworky.....what a fun find today, Value Village of all places!

And speaking of Flea Market Fancy....remember my FMF quilt I did? I still have not put it on my bed, it is just sitting there, all folded up on a chest on the end of my bed. I am thinking of selling it.....after all I did to get all that fabric, buying on ebay, buying on etsy, calling a few quilt shops all over the stinkin country from leads from a flickr group I had been in....getting asked to leave the same flickr group because I decided to sell some FMF fabric I found (AND HAD SWAPPED WITH OTHERS) (enter dramatic music) then to find out others in that group started selling fabric too on etsy (whatever!) anyways....after all that....I think I am going to put it on etsy...I don't know why...I just don't....I just don't LOVE it like I thought I would...I got so many nice comments on it on my blog, on flickr...I don't know....maybe I should put it on my bed and leave it on my bed for a few days....see if I fall in love with it...maybe I should have done more of a patchwork quilt instead of such a "modern" quilt...I dunno.....then I feel I would regret all the stupid time I wasted doing the above to get all the fabric....then to just not LOVE it. least I found a cute boys shirt at VV that I love....and I can't even wear the darn thing....but I do have a pair of sharp Ginghers I can use to cut into that baby with. :0)


  1. You are a crazy girl... Love the quilt, put it on your bed, make a couple of shams.... Orrrr... sell the bad boy and make some cash....

  2. You silly thing! I did not know you can actually get kicked out of a flickr group!

    Sell it. But give me 1st grabs at it :)

  3. What a cute shirt!!!

    I also think you should put the quilt out for at least a week or two to see how you really feel about it. Maybe try it in different rooms/different uses. Of course, if you don't LOVE it the way you thought you would ... but sometimes handmade items grow on us as we use them and integrate them into our daily life!

  4. I know what you mean about not loving a quilt. Isn't it the worst feeling? You spent so much time, money, etc, etc, on it and then you don't love it. It's the worst. I'm sorry it turned out that way, especially when it was the FMF quilt!

    But what a great find at Value Village! I wish we could go together, that would be tons of fun.

  5. Whatever you decide at least you know you provided one whole heck of a lot of inspiration for others out there! I had to beg, borrow and pay a mint for all that fabric as well after I saw your quilt. lol! I'm going to love mine to bits though so I'm happy that I got the FMF bug :) Ask yourself, would you rather have the quilt or the big $$$$ to buy more, other fabric.

  6. love the vv shirt. I would def leave the quilt out on the bed for a bit and see if it grows on you...might regret selling it down the road. I am collecting fmf for my first major quilt, I will for sure obsess about the layout:) sang(at)gci(dot)net

  7. i can't believe you even hesitated for a moment on getting that shirt! I wonder what the story is behind that... off to google wonderboy!

  8. FYI, there was a post on True Up recently about a bunch of fabric design knock-offs that have recently hit the market. You can find the post here:
    I wonder if this shirt might be another example of that. It's really unfortunate that these designers haven't been able to protect their work!

    Great blog, by the way, I love the title. : )