Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pinwheel blocks

I joined Rachel's pinwheel quilt along....I am all caught up ready for block #7. What will I do with this quilt top when I am done? I have no clue, but I think I am going to like it! I am not a big red and black fan, usually feels a little too retro to me....but I must say I really like how these blocks are coming together with the cream, gray, reds and blacks. block #1......I like both of them
block #2....are o.k. not a huge fan of the HUGE pinwheel but I can live with it, my points don't exactly match up and I am not doing it over which is a big deal for me, the sewing perfectionist. It is what it is.

block #3, LOVE both of them, my favorite block of all so far, love them!

block #4, really like these too....simple yet elegant. :)

block #5....mmmmm not my favorites....I believe after all the blocks are done I will do these two over....I picked fabrics that are too similar for the contrast....I is what it is...maybe I will keep them too....

block #6, I love anything that is "flying geese" enough said.
I finished the binding on my special project that I had quilted while in Portland by Christina. I LOVE it. I decided I am not going to post pictures of it until the new owner has it....I don't think this person even knows I have a blog but I don't want to risk blowing the surprise. :)
I joined another little swap, I already have planned out what I am doing for this one too....this is the first time I have done a swap that is not a secret. I was able to chit chat with Pam about her likes, dislikes and visa versa, will be fun to see what we whip up for each other.


  1. Jealous. I have all the fabric cut through block 5, nothing sewn yet. I have a quilt that I am making for D and I *will not* sew anything else until I am done. But, seeing your blocks-I will be working on his quilt tonight :) Great job!!

  2. I like these fabrics together! And your piecing is beautiful. Love the way your block #2's contrast each other ... I would keep #5 in for now, you never know with the overall layout if it winds up working well with the overall look!

  3. Shoot darn! I was hoping to see it all finished! Okay...I can wait. But i'm not very patient. At least it should only be another month before we can see it...? :) I love the quilting pattern on it and I think I might do the same for my Nicey Jane quilt. I'm researching quilting ideas right now.