Thursday, April 29, 2010

jumping up and down

I got a little something in the mail yesterday, I knew it was coming but of course had no idea what to expect. I ripped open the box, ripped off the wrapping paper and lookie what was inside!!! ACK!!! I just love it Pam! Thank you so, so much, it is so awesome!!! This is the placemat I get to keep, I get to keep this??!?!?!? from the placemat swap on flickr, I can't say enough about how much I adore this little mini and there is NO way this little number will ever be on a table with food on it (not with my family at least!) I have already hung this in my kitchen where all my favorite mini's go after I receive a new one.
This has so much detail (click on the photos) the grass is all patchwork and so is the sky. I have been wanting to make a mini like this but has been pretty far down on my "to do" list, now I don't have to! :) The clothesline is darling and Pam had such a cute idea....see that little mini quilt? That is the same fabric for the backing, I believe it is a vintage sheet, so cute!
Also included was fabric for my kids, 3 different cuts from a different fabric line for both of them....what to make what to make?
Thanks again Pam, seriously, if I did not have a big, ugly, clunky boot on my left foot I would have been jumping up and down. :)

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