Monday, April 5, 2010

dear diary....

How I spent my spring break...... holding this shoogabooga, my new nephew Garrett.....oh how he reminds me of my son at that age, what a doll!!
We spent A LOT of time driving....7 hours to get there....7 hours to get back...Emily got in some reading.... Jack got in a few shows....thank you Lord for portable DVD players for trips like this!!!

All in all....we were in the car a lot....going from place to place a lot, even snuck in a few visits to Ikea.....most of the getaway the kids looked like all in all we had a nice little visit.

Since I was gone from my sewing for almost a week I am dying to get crackin on something....I will post pictures of something that was quilted for me while in Portland.....met a peach of a new friend too! :)

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