Friday, March 26, 2010

mini quilts

I worked on a few mini quilts during my "quilt retreat" last weekend. I finally got around to making a munki munki wonky star mini. I am really pleased with all the pastels together and I am not a pastel person. I really enjoyed making the "wonky stars" too. My favorite square is in the center, it is the bridesmaid/wedding fabric, I was a professional bridesmaid in my past life, have been in 10 weddings! :/
This is the 2nd Flea Market Fancy quilt I made. The first one I sent off to my partner for a doll quilt swap. I am really happy with this one too, I even used some selvage on it. :)

One I did not make but received last week in the mail.....

This was from my "angel" for the fall themed mini quilt swap. My original partner flaked out on me so was given an "angel". Cute little woodpecker, thanks Isabell!

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