Tuesday, August 31, 2010

disguising a DS

Recently a little girl in our house got a Nintendo DS for her 7th Birthday, I'm told this is just the beginning of electronics (and expensive) gadgets for kids these days....lovely....anyways....I thought being the "sewing mamma" that I am.....hey....that is an idea for a DS game...they have Cookin Mamma....how about a Sewing Mamma?......anyways....

This is what I came up with for her to use to store her DS. I used some of my cutsie, girlie fabrics, lined one of the linings with batting for a little extra cushion when dropped and reinforced the handle with some cording I had from another crafty project....

Then to close the bag I used a good, sticky Velcro....works like a charm! I got this pattern from Sweetwater last year when I won 7 of their patterns off their blog...this one is called "little details" so easy and so, so quick. Speaking of Sweetwater.....take a lookie at their blog....they gave a couple "sneak peaks" at a new line they have coming out in 2011........holy cuteness! DARLING!!!

I did a little fabric shopping last week on fabric.com (gotta love free shipping all the time on any purchase over 35.00!)....got a few prints I had been eyeing for a while....these 2 are from the Robert Kaufman line "metro cafe" I did not know what I wanted to use it for so I only bout 1/2 yard of each....I have a feeling I should have ordered more.


  1. Cute girl!! Cute purse!!

  2. Cute purse. And I LOVE that kitchen fabric.