Monday, August 23, 2010

back to school sew along

So a local gal...Megan....writes "crafty" articles for the Spokesman Review is having a "back to school sew along" thought I would me motivation to start and finish something with a time line, GASP!!! I have had this pattern for a year....maybe 2? Time to get crackalackin! Bad picture (I know!) but here is a picture of the pattern with the fabric that I helped Emily pick out (since this is for her) she originally picked a fabric with owls on it but standing in line at JoAnn's I kept going back and forth in my head about things she has that would "go" with the owls and it just wasn't on to plan "B"...the chocolate brown with all the colorful bubbles...perfect...
So here is the is 9.99 a yard...I needed 2 1/3 yards...had a scratch off coupon worth 70% the fabric with tax for 7.87! YAHOO! I can't wait to get started on this....I was so excited too when I started reading the directions (always a good thing) and realized the buttons I was dreading to put on the jumper...just for DECORATION....Sweet! no button holes to make!!!
I don't know if I will get this done by the first day of school (September 1) but I know I will have it done by the cut off for the "sew along" in mid September.....


  1. Great deal on the fabric! It will be a really cute dress.

  2. Hi...I'm Laura from Italy! Lovely blog!
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    Laura from Italy

  3. Thanks for blogging about the sew along, Kristine! Can't wait to see your creation. What a steal on the cute fabric! Coupons are my friend.