Wednesday, June 16, 2010

teacher gift 2010

The school year will come to an end for Emily on Friday, summer here we come!! Once again we just loved her teacher. Last year I made her kindergarten teacher a special gift. This year it was Mrs. Brunton's turn. :) I used several Moda Sweetwater au.then.tic charm packs....instead of running to the store for one more pack I used up some of my stash....I think it turned out really well. During the school year I emailed the student teacher for her class asking her to snoop around for me and find out Mrs. Brunton's favorite of green in this quilt!

Here is a close up of the label....I even found some flannel fabric with green in it for the backing.

All wrapped up ready for a gift bag.

Here is Mrs. Brunton and Emily after opening her gift, all smiles by everyone. (Emily is wearing a crown because they celebrated her birthday at school today, it is not until August though)


  1. That is so sweet! I love the fabrics you chose, color combination, pattern, everything!

  2. wow, wow, wow.

    every teacher in that place will want your daughter in their 2nd grade class!!

    i love the personal gifts, especially if they don't have apples on them. :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Almost makes me want to go back to teaching, but I'd have to make sure your kids were in my class every year.

  4. super special gift!! That teacher will treasure it forever!

  5. Pricisely right - I will treasure it forever along with my memories of Emily and her lovely family!