Friday, June 11, 2010

pinwheel sampler top FINISHED!

Wow look at blogging in 2 weeks and now I have 2 blog entries in less then 2 days! :)

Here is my finished top for Rachel's pinwheel sampler quilt a long. The color combo is still not my favorite but I am really happy with how this turned out.....there are so many fabrics in this that I just loved and when putting it all together I just kept thinking "I don't usually pick black, red, gray" but I think it works....I am SO glad I made the mini pinwheels in the sashing....really tied it all together and just as happy if not more that I used more fabric and did the borders....

Here is an up close shot of one of my favorite it!
Another favorite...the red floral fabric was one of my favorites in is a Mary Jane Butter's print....there are 2 other of her prints in this quilt too.

It has been raining and so gray here the past few days...sorry about the bad pictures (click on them to see up close) but hey I am a quilter not a photographer!
I have no idea what I am going to do with this does not go with anything in my hurry to quilt it...might just put it in my closet until I figure out what to do with it....if you want to see more quilt a long blocks and finished quilts look here....there are some BEAUTIES!


  1. Love it! I have almost all of my blocks done...maybe i will get around to posting them! HA! I really love the idea of the mini's in the sashing and the smaller pieces in the border...might be copying those moves :)

    Looks great!! ~Amy

  2. way to stretch on the colors. i really like it. those pinwheels totally remind me of my first venture into quilting many years ago.

    Great classic look!!

  3. really cute! i love your fabrics and colors. and i love scrappy borders. it turned out really well.