Saturday, June 19, 2010

finishing up!

I can't get this picture to rotate! BUT....see this cross stitch? I started this in 1994, yes 1994!!! I finished it a few weeks ago....only took me 16 years....good grief.....It has traveled with me through several apartment moves, several boyfriends, many camping trips or vacations vowing to work on it (hardly did hence the 16 years it took me to finish) now 2 kids and a husband....I had finished all of the pictures...oh let's say several years ago and when my kids both had H1N1 this past October it was the perfect project to dig out AGAIN to work on while sitting between the two of them on the couch for a week.....

At the beginning of every new year I always make a list of things I want to do for the year....I can't tell you how many years "finish cross stich" was on it....well it won't be for 2011! YAHOO! Several weeks ago I dug this baby out again and started doing all of the outlining...I really enjoyed it and I finished it!! YEAH

Now that I have most of my "to do" list done....I had a project of a friends "to do" to friend Leanne is a knitter....she thought she would try her hand at some fusible web applique towels and after buying the book, the towels and all of the fabric had not even started it and knew it was not for her....she gave me all of it because she knew I was "crafty". I got to them this week and I think they turned out darling....I got her address (she moved a year or so ago) and little does she know but I am sending the finished towels back to her....she has no idea...they were fun to make...I kept the book and might be whipping out more of these for gifts this year for some teachers....

Working on any "to do" things for you or someone else?

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  1. So funny! I have lots of cross-stitch projects to finish "one day". They are actually more than 16 years old! Not to mention all the other projects I've yet to finish! You give me hope!