Saturday, August 22, 2009

gift for Nissa

I made this quilt for my girlfriend Nissa's birthday...I think she liked it! :) I am going to make another one for a girlfriend's birthday in March :) and then I need to make one for myself because this was a hard one to give away!!!! I have another set of friends....4 of them.....might need to make this for a Mother's Day gift for each of them this year...not sure if I will have the time, energy or $$ to whip out that many for Christmas....we will see!


  1. good gravy does one get on that birthday list??!! my friends are getting zippered make up bags. :)

    cute, cute quilt!!

  2. How beautiful! What a nice friend you are.

  3. That is really, really beautiful. I love how you created the flowers, it matches really well with the fabric. Nice job.