Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6 years ago last night....

August 25, 2003 ...I had a baby girl...we named her Emily Margit....she made me a momma....I love her to bits...I am her Kanga and she is my roo....


  1. aww, she's a sweetie Kristine! I love that, Kanga and roo! Too cute!

  2. she is soo sweet! Congratulation!!

  3. Ahww shes so cute, and don't you look well after giving birth, I always looked awful.

    Now for some grovelling; huge apologies, I don't appear to have contacted you to thank you for the fantastic quilt you sent me for the Good ol'Summertime quilt swap. Thanks also for the cute notelets you sent too. It was a lovely surprise, to receive it so early in the swap and gave me the push I needed to get on and finish the one I am making. So thanks for that too ;o)