Saturday, August 15, 2009

dqs7 top

dqs7 top
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So here is the top for my doll quilt swap partner....after I started sewing the blocks together I realized how this looks more like a table runner...I hope my partner likes it...this was my first attempt at a "wonky" log cabin too...they are kinda fun....

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  1. Kristine, I just got your package today and LOVE it!!!!!! Thank you SO much! It did arrive earlier, but I actually am not moving in to that new address until September 1, hence the long silence! I apologize. Anyways, your quilt is just so PERFECT, I love the kerchief girl fabric and can't believe you have it in three colorways [actually, I think I had a long discussion with my wallet about whether or not to buy it at one point], and the colors and design you chose are fabulous. I am already scheming an entire new decoration scheme based around this :-). And the socks! I LOVE yellow and gray together! The weather needs to hurry up and cool down so I can show these off. Thank you!!!