Wednesday, August 5, 2009

family photo's

These are all pictures taken of my family on older brother was home for his 20th High School Reunion (ACK!! that means mine is in two years!?!?!?) and we decided to have some family pictures taken for my parents 40th anniversary coming up in February...a little early but we never do anything on time so why not be early instead of late this time, ha!! These are just a few of A LOT of pictures to go through....we are all very excited too....another baby is on the way....we are really hoping BOY, BOY, BOY but will be thrilled with a girl too....

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  1. Okay, how super cute is your little family????!!!! Um, yeah, super cute!! And i'm confused....are you the lucky one having a baby??? Hope so. And I'll think blue, just for you.