Thursday, July 9, 2009

I finished the baby quilt that I am sending off to Craft Hope, I don't know if a boy or a girl will get it so I went gender neutral...aquas, yellows, a little bit of pink and a little bit of blue....after I had the top all sewn together I realized that I have bird and bee fabrics in it...I thought that was kinda funny (the bird's and the bee's), I took a pictured of Emily's baby doll modeling it all swaddled up, I hope it makes some baby very happy and snugly warm....

The kids and I have been keeping ourselves busy this summer, we have had some hot days, some cooler days and a few stormy days....earlier this week we went to the Amtrak station to see a free traveling exhibit from Disney advertising for A Christmas Carol coming out in November. The kids and I really liked the exhibit and then a little movie to watch of some previews, 3D glasses provided as you can see Jack is wearing his upside down, silly boy.

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  1. Awesome blanket!

    I like the way Jack views the world :)