Thursday, July 23, 2009

camping, more stuff like that

So we went camping last weekend right? Guess who's bag of all her clothes, pj's, swim suit, undies...pretty much EVERYTHING got left on the bed at home? YEP, MINE! My SIL and I did have some good laughs though Saturday morning when we went into the nearest, tiny town (not even a flashing light in this town it is so small) and found a 2nd hand store...tank tops 10 cents, shorts a quarter? Sign me up! It was pretty funny and I had some very colorful outfits for Saturday and Sunday...oh well!! Below are a few pics from the kids and my niece, my younger brother and Jack and then me and my kids.....

And on a total different subject, we got some gently abused chickens a few weeks ago...apparently the former owner was neglecting them, they looked pretty icky when we first got I noticed that they finally have started to lay eggs! They are really pretty too, a nice aquaish green/blue...Emily named the chickens Noodle and Doodle.

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  1. Well Martha....look at you and those beautiful eggs!!

    ew...did you guy secondhand underwear?? :)