Friday, July 17, 2009

camping, new bras, stuff like that

So in just a few hours we are going to be leaving to camp for the weekend with my brother and his family....have I started packing? yes and I guess I should get my buns off the chair, turn off the computer and start packing!!! It is hot here in Eastern WA today and supposed to be for the next week! UHG!! I am most comfy in a dry 80 degrees, no mugginess...nothing over 90 so at least we are in a dry heat for now!!!

I bought myself 3 new bras yesterday at Victoria Secret, yahoo! Love a good deal! I would NEVER spend the 45.00-55.00 they want for a regular priced brassier but yesterday I walked by the store, noticed a ton of sale tables, walked myself over the the 38Bs and started going through them (do you know how uncommon that size is?) anyways....the cute size 2 sales girl comes up to me..."do you need any help" and I think of saying "uh yeah" "the girls do" why else would I be in here? but she says to me "oh all the sale bras are 15.99" WHIPPEE!!! I bought 3! I feel like a new woman! 3 new bras, they all fit, they are all cute but now because it is almost 100 degrees I am breaking in one of them with sweat because it is so hot outside!!


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