Sunday, June 21, 2009

two in one

I am going to post about two different things...first it is Father's Day...I love my dad and I feel very fortunate that my dad and I are close....and he likes my husband and my husband likes him! :) My dad spent his summers as a boy in Kentucky so he is a farm boy at heart....last summer we had a few chickens at our home, not in our home but in the backyard in an old dog run....once the weather turned we gave the chickens to my dad...he calls them "the girls" cracks me up...I think he treats the chickens better than he treats himself...anyways....I wanted to make my dad a patchwork/crazy quilt for Father's Day...found some PERFECT chicken fabric to go in it...he loved it!!

2nd part of my 2 part post....I participated in a mini quilt swap. OH MY am I a lucky girl!!! Yesterday afternoon but what did I see in my mail box? A package! And from Switzerland!!! YAHOO! I knew it had to be something special and it is...I opened ok, ripped it open and gasped, it is lovely!!! It is AQUA my FAV color right now!! It is just so neat, I love the bird in the center, I love the wonkiness of the sqaure, I love the polka dots, I love the aqua, did I say that already? My swap partner is Sandra, and her blog is daughter loves to listen to the music on her blog, I do too! My partner (the gal that I made a mini quilt for) is Nicole in a total dork I forgot to take a picture of the mini quilt that I sent her...but I made an aqua/red log cabin sqaure for her...think I might need her to take a picture of it and send it to me...can't belived I forgot to do that! This mini quilt swap has been so fun, can't wait to do it again!

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