Saturday, June 6, 2009

a favorite thing

....these are a few of my favorite things...I am going to try and do one post a week of a favorite "thing" of mine. For the first "favorite thing" post is my rusty, made from scraps of oil drums rooster....I love this rooster! Several years ago I was out and about with my gang of gal friends and I spied one of these at a flea market, I about died, I just loved it....the 1st one I ever came across at this show was BIG and the price tag was BIG too if I remember it was well over $400.00. Not gonna happen on my I pined and pined away for years over it...saw them occasionally at garden shows, flea markets...places like that....

THEN a few weeks ago a few of my gang of gals and I were in this awesome store in Spokane that is going out of business and everything is 50% off....and what did I see? Yep several of these roosters and they were the smaller size so their price tag was smaller AND now 50% off!! I thought about it and thought about it and then went home and "talked it over/asked my husband" about it...found a few pics on flickr so I could show him an example (it is hard to describe to some one who has never seen one of these what one looks like) The only thing my husband said was "I don't care, as long as I don't have to move it to mow the lawn, string trim, etc." YAHOO!!! The next morning I put J. on the bus to pre-school then E. and I were off in my husbands pickup to pick up my big ol' rooster!!! I felt like a country girl bumping along the road home with my treasure in the back of the! So now I have one of those "things" on my little list in my head that I always have wanted, yeah!! But of course do remember....the best things in life are not THINGS!!!


  1. well, happy cockadoodle do to you!! i'm still looking for a painting that i saw in an antique store many years's the one that got away. i will live vicariously through you.

    i will need a farm chicks report.....corrie will take FOREVER.

  2. I love Yard Art! In moderation of course ;)

    What a nifty rooster!

  3. love the chicken. he's very cute.