Friday, July 16, 2010

moosh and goosh

This is my nephew Garrett....OH MY!!!!!!!!!! I just love this little mom, sister-in-law, niece, my 2 knuckleheads (Emily and Jack) and I took a road trip to Portland earlier this week (that would be about a 7 hour drive) to see Garrett and his sister, mom and dad (dad is my older brother). I was holding Garrett in one hand for the picture, camera in the other, bit of a balancing act with a wiggly little guy. Is he not the cutest thing? ACK!!! My sister-in-law that lives here in town with me, we were trying to figure out a way to pack him up in our luggage and take him niece on the other hand is going through the "terrible threes" right now and my brother can keep her for a bit longer. :)

I love being an Auntie......there is just something about the children of your nieces and someday nephew call me "Auntie" my oldest niece did not even know what my name was until about a year ago....I still don't think she believes anyone that my name is really Kristine....but I will take Auntie any day.....Garrett and I will be reunited again in October when our Portland family comes up here for the 7 hour drive (enter evil laugh here) Until then I will just drool over the photos that I have...maybe have my brother FedEx something of Garrett's so I can smell him diapers though, he can keep those and the 3 year old LOL!

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