Thursday, July 15, 2010

got binding?

Over the 4th of July weekend I hooked up with my local quilter....they had 3 of my quilts and they were finally finished (I gave all 3 of them to them in March!) While in Portland earlier this week I was not able to meet up with my non-local quilter personally but she dropped 2 throws off at the hotel I was staying I have 5 quilts or throws that need to be bound. I do like binding though....where to start? where to start? I am actually going to start with the quilt that is 4th from the top (the charm squares with the aqua and lime green sashing) that one is for me.....I bought the pattern and the charm squares 3 years ago at a quilt shop on the Oregon Coast...I figure better late then had been on my "to do" list for, well...3 years and it is almost done, yahoo!!

The quilt at the top is a gift for a certain someone I know turning 40 sometime (that is all I am going to say about that) #2 and #3 are for The Hospice House in Spokane where both my in-laws passed away in 2008 (6 months apart) and we are going to donate the quilts in memory of them.
Quilt #5 at the bottom of the pile is my Flea Market Fancy queen sized quilt for my hubs and I bedroom....I am not sure how I feel about this know how you feel when you REALLY REALLY REALLY want get it....then you wonder why you wanted it so bad? That is how I feel about this quilt...maybe I will fall in LOVE with it after the binding is on and it is on my bed....I am nervous about all the white....I am sick about using a sheet for the sashing and not Kona cotton (that is my biggest regret with this quilt) I am afraid the white is going to get dingy and icky like a set of white sheets would get if Pigpen from Charlie Brown had it....I dunno.........right now I am in a sea of binding though....gotta go....wish me luck.....

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  1. Although you have miles to go, it always seems to go so quickly for me-hope the same to you :)