Thursday, September 3, 2009

yipee!! I won something

Actually I think I won 8 things!!!! I am thrilled!! check it out! I am speechless and believe me that NEVER happens, yippee!!!!!! I had a few minutes to myself...started looking through some blogs and came across this...see the "Kristine Hanson"...that is ME!!! Now all I need to do is win the weekly drawing from Quilt Taffy!!! I have not won something from them in over a year, hint hint Des and Corrie! :) I don't know if you ladies know this or not but Quilt Taffy is how I got into the "blog world". I did not even know what a blog was until last summer when I bought some fabric off of ebay from these two sisters....with an order from them they send a cute little coaster with their blog address and the rest is history!

1 comment:

  1. subtle, very subtle. :)

    you know, personally....i hate people who win. this is not in your favor. I NEVER win anything. but the random generator will try not to hold it against you. TRYing.