Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a few finished things

I have been working my buns off the past year or so getting a lot of WIP's finished and here are a few of them....I just got these quilts back from the quilter, I am really happy with them....This large aqua/blue/red/pink quilt is for Emily, she just loves it, says it is real cozy. I used the tutorial from this blog.

This pinwheel quilt is for our family room...I used the tutorial from this blog.

And this quilt was from my own little pea brain....it was originally going to be for my daughter but after I made it I realized it was not big enough for her bed so I started the coin quilt....I am giving this one to my niece for her room/bed...she will be 7 at the end of the month...she will love it I'm sure...she thinks Auntie can make anything....the quilting on this one just screams little girl....hot pink and butterflies.


  1. Wow! How beautiful. I can't believe you showcased THREE quilts in one post!!! Incredible productivity there - no kidding you were working like crazy on these. They're all really lovely, I especially like the way you worked the colors in the pinwheel quilt. It has a really nice rhythm to it.

  2. wow, great job! they are all so gorgeous! :)

  3. wow - these all look great! I love the coins and I'm surprised how much I like the pinwheels (they're not usually my fave - but I really like these ones).