Friday, February 10, 2012

2 quilts for 2 dolls

2 quilts for 2 dolls by kristinemhanson
2 quilts for 2 dolls, a photo by kristinemhanson on Flickr.

soooo, I for some reason....could not get my pics to upload via blogger so I had to go through flickr....anyway....I have not posted in a long, long time....I will try to do better....starting now....this bunkbed set I found at a thrift store for 8.00; it was bubble gum pink. My daughter is not "into" pink anymore...hence the white bunkbeds....then I made mattresses....pillows with cases and these mini quilts....can you guess how many squares are in these babies??

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  1. I'm scared to guess how many, but what a nice mommy for making 2!!!