Saturday, April 30, 2011

another baby!

This little quilt is for the son of a cousin, so I guess the baby is my 2nd cousin? Little one's name is not being given out to the public until his birth (I hate that when parents do that!)My cousin, his wife and their daughter live in Colorado and were in town recently and were surprised with a baby shower that I could not attend. :( Never fear, Kristine is here!! I was able to whip this little quilt up for baby #2 last week......Baby (nameless) bedding is from pottery barn. (see below) up above is what I came up with, red, white, blue and brown, all from my stash except the backing.

The back of the quilt.

up close......I love this pattern, so, so easy but so fun to put together. Can't wait to find out what the little whippersnapper's name is going to be!

Congrats to Matt and Michelle on your new addition. :)

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  1. Cute quilt :)

    And the perfect sister-in-law is doing that with her upcoming baby girl... which does of course invite all the cousins (almost entirely male) to suggest all sorts of ridiculous names. But she does have a point - a mutual friend had a name picked out, and then saw the baby, and said, "Oh, you don't look like an Edward!" and had to come up with a different name on the spot. Don't know if they'd gotten things with the name previously - but I hope not!

    (eww, and looks like blogger's still having commenting issues. Oh, well.)