Friday, October 29, 2010

little red

Last Halloween I had one little guy that wanted to be Spiderman and one little girl that wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood, jeezo I could not believe what the stores wanted for a LRRH cape, too much! "I can do that" I thought, so I did. I googled "hooded cape tutorial" and looked around for the easiest, quickest one I could find, of course I can't find it now, but there are several out me, this was so EASY!

I went to JoAnn's found this awesome crushed velvet like red fabric in the remnant section, yahoo even cheaper, I decided to add a little bit of ribbon to it so I found some nice Scandinavian like ribbon and added it, I must say both Emily and I were really happy with how this turned out.

After Halloween I decided I needed a little bit of LRRH up year round, so I made a wall hanging just for me, this year Jack is a pirate so I think I will be doing the same for him, arggggggghhh!

...this is what I came up with. I just printed one of my favorite photo's of Emily onto some Printed Treasures fabric paper (use a coupon!!) then used it for the center of my wall hanging, used some of my favorite little scraps and viola a little wall hanging for me to enjoy year round of my little Em as Little Red.

Then made a little something for Emily, so with the same picture I made her a little pillow to have on her bed, she just loves it.

I belong to a bunko group (so fun!!) and every October we all dress up, guess who I came as this year?

Happy Halloween!

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