Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I made my mom this pillow for Mother's Day....this is a photo that was taken last summer of my brothers and I with our spouses and children.....only person missing from the photo is my new nephew Garrett but he really is in the photo....he was cookin inside my sister-in-law. :)

up close, I used some of my Sweetwater au.then.tic yardage, I really like the way the black and white photo looks with the mom liked it too.

Ever since my first Mother's Day when Emily was 9 months old I have had my husband take a few pictures of me with my child/children and I have a little "Mother's Day" scrapbook just for those photos...yesterday he took these of Jack, Emily and I....silly kids.

Here is a family picture of the 4 of us. :)

See those HUGE diamond earrings??? They were a gift from Emily....she really likes the bling! She bought these for me at Target, she was so proud of herself. (note to hubs....I would love a REAL pair of diamond earrings need for them to be this large though!!)

Hope you all had a nice Mother's Day!

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  1. As Emily gets bigger maybe she can talk dad into the real jewelry store for Mother's Day! I love doing the photo pillows for gifts...the one you did for the teacher was a great idea, too!